Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting An Electronic Book Reader

Paper-Like Screen
The top electronic readers today utilize this new high-resolution display technology called electronic paper. From Kindle, to the Sony PRS-505, to the Hanlin eReader Series, among others… all are now using this revolutionary e-ink technology. It provides a crisp black-and-white screen that resembles the appearance and readability of printed paper. The screen works using ink, just like books and newspapers, but displays the ink particles electronically. It reflects light like ordinary paper and uses no backlighting, eliminating the glare associated with other electronic displays. As a result, these electronic reading devices can be read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room.The screen never gets hot so you can comfortably read as long as you like.

Many are now lighter and thinner than your typical paperbacks, and fits easily in one hand. Their built-in memory stores hundreds of titles and provides space for optional SD memory cards that allow the device to hold even more content.

Most offer access to online stores that are associated with the parent company. Some even allow you to back up your content on the your computer or the companies media center for future download. Backing up your content this way allows you to make room for new titles on your device.

Ease of content Delivery
Some devices allow wireless content delivery to your device, Amazon’s kindle, for example, utilizes Sprint’s national high-speed (EVDO) data network to enable you to wirelessly search, discover, download, and read content on the go.

Others like the iRex iLiad, utilizes WiFi technology, which is a little bit more restricted to “hot spots.” Of course, all of this wireless content access is free. Other devices such as the Hanlin and the Sony PRS series uses a USB/Computer combination for content download. So what’s best for you? It really does depend on where you are and what resources you have access to . For example, even though Amazon’s Kindle provides wireless coverage, it doesn’t cover the entire United States, nor is it available beyond US soil.

Wave of the Future
This is just my personal opinion but I believe that technology is so ingrained in our society and has taken such a strong-hold on us that I cannot see the future without a “good” electronic reading device in almost everyone’s hand. Just the simple thought of having a huge amount of content at your fingertips is something that simply cannot be ignored…think about it. I know that the majority of people have not yet caught on, but I think that when they do, you will see a surge in the usage of electronic reading devices. Right now the battle is on for who will provide the standard device and it will be very interesting to see who comes out on top.

That said, if you do decide to get one of these interesting devices, always remember to do your due diligence before you buy.

More later…


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