The Kindle Experience

After spending months with my Kindle, I ‘ve found the following to be true. kindle‘s is as good as advertised except in a few minor areas.

Thus far, I haven’t had to sit in front of the computer to download anything. All my content comes straight to me wirelessly in under one minute just as advertised – No hype there. Also, Amazon have so much interesting content, that I hardly need to go anywhere else…not to mention the fact that more is being added every day. Reading now is as close as a click to buy, click to download, and a click to read…that’s it. I mean in under one minute, I can enter a whole new world. All I have to do is grab my Kindle, press the “Alt” and the “A” key simultaneously to kick start it and I am there.

And what if I have a question while using my Kindle? Easy…I can just access the NowNow feature and ask my question or I can do a search in the Kindle guide which is right there on the device…and in no time I get an answer.

As for content, I like the idea that I can browse the Kindle store and read samples before I decide to buy. Thus far, I have bought a number of books this way simply because I was able to read sample. It’s just like going to a book store and browsing through to see what the book is all about before buying…Good Job Amazon.

What about battery life? Well, It doesn’t last as long as advertised, but it last long enough for me to take my Kindle with me and read for a couple days for about 3 -4 hours a day without recharge. And that of course depends on the font I use. The larger the font, the more page turns I make, and the more page turns I make, the more power I use, which leads to a shorter battery life…that’s good enough for me.

As for the newspaper, magazines, and blog download, I haven’t tried it. Honestly, I prefer to read my blogs free of charge on the computer, considering the fact that I have to pay for the feed. As for the magazines and newspaper, I haven’t had the need to get in on it yet. Already, I have enough to read. I wish I could read every content out there, but honestly I can’t. But, when the need arises, I will try them out. That of course could be anytime soon depending on my mood. After all, it right there for the taking at the click of a button.

Some other features that I love are the the word look-up, the bookmark, and the annotation features, They work like a charm…no complaints. In fact, I use the bookmark from time to time to find my place in a reading if for any reason I have to go somewhere else on my Kindle. I know that I don’t have to do this but I do it anyways. For me it’s the easiest way to get back to my place in the reading when I wander off somewhere else.

I also like the fact that I can convert my personal files and have them downloaded to my kindle for a small fee… no sweat. And when I travel overseas, I just load up my Kindle with reading content and I can read for days…All I have to do is make sure I have my battery charger readily available.

All in all though I am excited about this little device. I know there are others out there but for some reason, I am drawn to this one. Some say I am bias towards Kindle… and that’s okay…everyone is entitle to an opinion. No matter what though, I will continue to use my Kindle and tell others about it wherever I go.


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