7 more Questions About Kindle

Q: can kindle display fonts in other languages?
A: Not yet, give it time and it will.

Q: How much reading can you get out of a fully charged Kindle battery?
A; Amazon claims one week, but in reality, it really depends on the number of page turns you make. The larger the font, the more page turns and the shorter the battery time and visi-versa. I get just about 4 days on a size 2 font reading at about 2- 3 hours a day.

Q: Can you increase the Kindle memory?
A: Yes, you can use a SD expansion card to increase memory up to 4 GB

Q: Can you organize books that you download on the Kindle Homepage?
A; Not yet, as of now Kindle books are organized in the order it is downloaded and read with the last downloaded content or the one currently being read taking turn at the top of the list.

Q: Do you need a screen protector for Your Kindle?
A: You have one in the form of the Kindle cover, if you look carelfully at it, you will see that it is design with a cushion which protects your Kindle screen.

Q: What do you do with books after you read them, Can they be transferred to another kindle?
A: Yes, if it’s an Amazon book and the other kindle is registered under the same account (up to 6 Kindles on the same account). No, if the other Kindle is registerd to another account. If its a free ebook with not DRM rights, you can freely transfer as you wish.
Q: Does Kindle work overseas?
A: Yes if you load it up with content before you go. No, if you want to get your content wirelessly overseas – two problems: no whispernet coverage and ebook copyright problem.


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