How Long Do You Have To Wait For Your Kindle To Arrive (Updated)?

I purchased a second kindle as a gift for a friend and I gotta tell you, I wish I had purchased it with the first one. At least, I would have gotten it by now. I placed the order on December 15th and I just paid for it today and was told that it will be shipped between January 25th and February 1st and will arrive within 2 days of shipment. That’s a wait of between 43 and 50 days for arrival. That’s almost two months. But… I was patient because I did not want to pay the Ebay price.


More and more people seems to be taking advantage of this Kindle shortage. They get in line, order more than one Kindle from Amazon, get them all delivered at the same time, and put them up for sale on ebay for a profit – that’s what I called capitalism. I love this country. And you know what, if you have a brain, you can do it too. Who knows, this may be the reason for the shortage, hence the long wait. As soon as they are produced they are sold out.

Right now, Kindle is a hot commodity. And, like I said in previous articles, it has the potential to set the standard for the inevitable adoption of electronic reading devices for the future. Now I know that I am putting myself out there, but with the direction in which technology is going today, I just cannot see the future without a good Ereader in almost every reader’s hand. And who better to present it to the world than Amazon. The company is huge and has developed a reputation for delivering good products around the world. Once they can overcome the DRM hurdles, international impediments, along with other barriers, they should make inroads. It is just a question of how committed they are to doing it.

Sony started out well with their PRS 500 and the latest PRS-505, but I just don’t understand why they did not included the wireless feature. Not everyone want to sit in front of a computer every time they want to download content. I Know, I don’t. And that’s why I am saying that I don’t know how committed they are to providing the alternative Ereader of the future. Don’t get me wrong now, The PRS 505 is a darn good device ( see its comparison with Kindle), but it can be better. Right now it is trailing Kindle in my book simply because it does not allow wireless download from the Sony store.

I thought that with Amazon announcing the arrival of Kindle, Sony would do something to match, at least, the wireless feature, but they haven’t. Oh well, I may be getting ahead of myself. Who knows, they may just have it in the works. We’ll just have to wait and see. Anyway, whomever step up to the plate and define the standard Ereader of the future, I am with them.

That said, if you are planning to order Kindle you can expect a wait of approximately 45 days. I am basing this estimation on my experience. Your wait time may be a little less, as Amazon step up production which I expect them to do as the demand increases. But, you are going to have to exercise a little patience.

If you haven’t gotten yours yet and plan to order just click here and you should be on your way and while you there, go ahead and check out the kindle store to see the New York bestseller prices among others. Now, I don’t know if these prices will increase in the near future, but right now Amazon have a promotion where you can get bestseller for $9.99 if you order it for your Kindle regardless of paper price. And the good thing is, you can order it now and lock in at the low price. You don’t have to wait until your Kindle arrives. Now that’s cool.

And by the way, this is just a thought. How long do you thing it will take before a Chinese company deliver a kindle clone? They are cloning everything else. Now that would make the Ereader market interesting.

Update:.Kindle is now being shipped immediately!


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