Macworld – The Great Anticipation.

Silicon Valley’s largest technology show, the Macworld Conference & Expo, kicks off today (January 14th). The big day, however, is tomorrow when Apple’s Steve Jobs will make his much anticipated keynote address.

At Macworld 2006, Jobs introduced the first Intel based Macs which resulted in an explosion of sales that almost doubled Apple’s market shares.

At Macworld 2007, he unveiled the iPhone – a wide screen iPod, a cell phone, and an internet communicator which redefined the capability of mobile phones.

The question now is what will he pull out of the hat this year?

Top on the list of speculations is that he will unveil an ulta Skinny, no optical drive, multi-touch trackpad, MacBook designed to reduce size and weight – cost about $1599. Below is a picture (on the right) that’s floating around out there of what it may look like.


Second on the list of possibilities is that the iTunes Store will make movies available for rental and purchase courtesy of Fox and Disney, a move that could breathe new life into the all-but-forgotten Apple TV introduced last year.

Third on the list is DRM-free music. With Amazon delivering music to public without copy protection, Jobs may very well be forced to announce a plan to do the same via the Apple iTunes Store– a move that should keep Apple competitive in that market.

That said, the time has come for Apple to deliver again. Tomorrow’s announcements may not be a disruptive as last year’s iPhone introduction, but it should be interesting enough to at least get the Apple stock moving again, especially since it fell almost 30 points last week. For now, we will just have to wait and see. Whatever happens tomorrow, should make for an interesting day.

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