Innovative Wire-Free Electronic Charger Launched!

WildCharge Incorporation recently launched its ground breaking wire-free charging technology which allows you to use a WildCharge charging pad and a WildCharge adapter (if necessary) to charge and power-up your mobile electronic device.


How it works
Any mobile electronic device enabled with the WildCharge built-in technology, can be powered-up by simply placing it on the WildCharge pad. If the device does not have the built in technology, you will need to enable it by attaching a WildCharge adapter to the back cover of the device or by simply replacing the cover with the adapter.

handcharger-450.jpg hand-450.jpg

Once equipped, the mobile device can then be placed on the charging pad for instantaneous connection to the power source and be fully charged. The process is relatively simply and eliminates the need for wires thus makes it a completely wireless transaction.

Thus far, Charging pads are available for all properly equipped devices, however, adapters are available only for a number of Motorola RAZR V3 phones. More adapters are expected become available for other leading mobile phones, smart phones and music players including RIM’s Blackberry, Apple’s iPhone, and other iPod family of products within a few months.

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One Response

  1. How may users will have the information or awareness of WildCharge built-in technology to ask the seller of mobiles and how many resellers of mobiles have the idea of this.

    Well it does not seem so big to talk about, well had it been compatible for all the mobiles may be it could grab the market, also the pricing shall be important. Hope the solar technology is still better.

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