What Cool Gadgets Can You Expect in ’08?

You can expect the gadgets of ’08 to be more wirelessly connected to the internet and to each other than ever before. With the presence of WiFi among other wireless technologies, getting connected wirelessly in now within reach.

Smart Phones phone_hero20071019.pngiPhone minione.jpgMiniOne
Apple’s iPhone came on the scene with a bang. Armed with the ability to make calls, play music, navigate the Web, edit photos, play movies, send and receive text message among other things – all from a simple innovative multi-touch display screen, it looks to defined the future of mobile phones. Expect to see improvements to its multi-display touch screen which is a little too clumsy for user comfort. Also, look for the appearance of similar handsets offering better ways to transmit data and bring the “Net” closer home. Already one company in China, Meizu Coperation, have devloped an “iClone” (Meizu M8 otherwise know as the MiniOne) which offers matching features which may even be better in some areas than the iPhone (more on that later).

Look for the introduction of the REDFLY Mobile Companion redfly.jpg from Celio, which simply is a peripheral 8-inch display screen and touchpad that attaches to your smart phone via Bluetooth or USB cable bringing it one step closer to replacing your Laptop. Look for Wistron, a popular Chinese design house, to introduce the GW4 smartphone with its touch screen and QWERTY keyboard running Google’s Linux-based Android operating system which Google hopes to become the standard operating system for internet-centric phones. The phone will come in two tri-band GSM/GPRS versions, one for the U.S. and the other for Europe and Asia.

Electronic Book Reader
Amazon’s kindle made its splash debut in November of last year. Already, a number of deficiencies have been identified. Expect Amazon to improve on its first generation Kindle. And, if Sony plans to keep up with its e-reader, expect them to make it wirelessly capable or be left behind. The iRex iLiad already is already equipped with WiFi capability. Look for them to improve on the coverage range or be left in the “dust’ as well.

From electronic readers, to PDA, to cells phones…you name it. If a mobile device needs data and is not connected to some kind of wireless data feed, it will be considered “old” in ’08. And, even if some of the ’08 gadgets does not live up to the hype,it should make for a very interesting year.

Source: PC Magazine
For the year in Review check out The 25 Most Innovative Products of the Year on MSN.


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