Wireless Whispernet Technology Defined

Amazon’s wireless Whispernet technology combines its optimized technology with Sprint’s national high-speed (EVDO) data network. This combination enables users to wirelessly search, discover, download, and read content on the go.

With the wireless Whispernet technology, you can be anywhere in Sprint’s high-speed (EVDO) data network coverage area, think of a book from the available content sites, and get it in less than a minute. Your content comes to you automatically, wherever you are in the Sprint’s coverage area. Newspaper subscriptions are delivered wirelessly every morning and many magazines arrive before they hit newsstands.

If, however, you are outside the wireless Whispernet coverage area, Kindle features using wireless connectivity will not function. Such features are subject to Sprint network service outages.


2 Responses

  1. Dear Sirs,

    They have given me a Kindle bought in USA, for my son that lives in NY.

    I live in Barcelona, Spain.

    Attempt to connect to your network Whispernet wireless coverage route Sprint’s 3G high-speed dates back network., without any result.

    Probably this network “wireles” is alone for U.S.A.

    My question is,

    It is the possibility, of to connecting from my iMAC to his system and to acceding to You I to be loaded by the books that he wishes and to use only the Kindle, for what really has been conceived, as a “electronic portable book ” without connection wireles.

    I have a spanish telephone iPHON 3G, that is employed at my country with, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1.900 and 2.100 MHz) EDGE (850, 900, 1.800 and 1.900 MHz) .. the my “new” Kindle can work with this band.

    I waiting your nwes and commentaries.

    Yours faithfully

    Josep Buxó

    • You will not have access to the wireless in Barcelona. It is only for US residents.
      To transfer files to your kindle you will have to:

      1. connect it with the USB cable to your computer
      2. Login to your account at Amazon.com (open an account if you don’t have one)
      3. Register your kindle if its not registered.
      4. Go to the kindle store, purchase the book you want.
      5. In your account go to “Digital Content,” then to Manage your kindle
      6. scroll down to “Your Orders” and select “download/send to” the name of your kindle.
      7. The file should appear on the device.

      you will have to do this for all your content.

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