Is Kindle Presently Available Anywhere Else In The World And Can You Use It While Traveling Abroad?

Currently, kindle‘s wireless Whispernet Technology is available only in the United States (see Kindle Coverage area). You can, however, use Kindle while traveling outside the US without activating its wireless technology by doing the following:

  1. Purchase your reading materials: books, magazines, and newspaper like you would normally do at the Kindle Store, or, purchase the kindle version of the reading material at the online store. Once purchased, these materials will automatically be saved to your Media Library at
  2. Access your Library Media at using a PC or Laptop.
  3. Download the save material to your Kindle via a USB cable, read, and enjoy.

You are probably beginning to realize that the sole purpose of Kindle’s wireless technology is to download your reading materials from the Kindle store directly to your Kindle device. Thus, if you are not in a coverage area you will not be able to use this wireless feature. Until Amazon expands its Whispernet wireless technology to cover more areas, you will have to use the Kindle/Computer/USB Cable connection to download reading material in non-Kindle hot-spots. This means that you will either be forced to purchase your reading material from the Kindle Store while you are in a wireless coverage area, or, you can purchase the Kindle version of your reading material from the online store, then download it to Kindle via USB cable.

So, if you are planning to read while traveling outside the US, you may have to decide on what you want to read before you leave US soil, or, you will need to have access to a computer while on your travel.

Clearly this is a flaw that the creators of Kindle overlooked and one that must be addressed quickly. If they are going to expand Kindle’s “tentacles” beyond the borders of the United States, the convenience of being able to wirelessly download reading materials while being anywhere in the world must happen. I don’t think too may people will like the idea of going back and forth to the computer to download reading material after paying so much for Kindle. If that’s the case, maybe we should just stick with the old Sony Reader, or better yet read the old fashion paper book or online ebook. That’s easier.

That said, it is not clear just how much thought was given to the “anywhere” wireless accessibility of Kindle. In any case, it is definitely an issue that must be addressed quickly if Kindle idea is going to catch on.


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