The Kindle Rant continues…

Benjamin Higginbotham – gets his say…

So there you have it…

Before kindle there was the Sony Reader and Iliad. They promised a lot of things but never really deliver.

Then came the Amazon kindle launch November 20, 2007. It promises a lot. Can it deliver on its promise? Stay tuned…

Reality Check…

Kindle’s E-paper technology is on par with that of it predecessors – the Sony Reader and the Iliad , but it is a little less cheaper.

The absolutely essential feature on the device is the EVO. It allows you to download books, and magazines, blogs, articles without the use of the WiFi- Technology. I don’t have to be near a WiFi hot spot to download, I can do it anywhere, in the car, on the train, on the plane…if you know what I mean – and that’s kool.

There is blog support via RSS feed for a small charge.

There is an experimental web browser which is free so we can go to the website and view the content for free or subscribe to the RSS for $2 per month which is free on the cellphone, free on the Iphone, and free on the computer, but for some reason, not free on kindle. There has to be a pretty good reason behind that. And… you cannot download any RSS on it – don’t know why. That must be in future upgrades.

There is a hood on the back which you have to pop open to get to the battery and the SD Card. Not sure why the card so far under the hood in the back. Should probably be more accessible.

The giant “Next page” and “previous page” button does get in the way. It is so easy to accidentally scroll the page backwards or forward.

The side navigation is awesome. Amazon seem to actually did this part right.

More later.

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